Big Noise Neco

Text: Jeremiah 46:14-17
Proposition: How was Pharaoh Neco a big noise?
Nebuchadnezzar defeated Pharaoh Necho in the battle of Carchemish. We read about Neco in II Kings 23:29 and 30 and II Chronicles 35:20-24. He was on his way to help Assyria fight against Babylon. Nineveh had fallen to Babylon. Assyria moved its capitol to Harran. When Harran was captured the Assyrian capitol was moved to Carchemish. Carchemish fell to Babylon also. When Josiah was king Neco was on his way to fight against Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar was now king of Assyria. Neco didn’t want Nebuchadnezzar to expand his domain anymore and wanted to stop him. Neco was in a hurry to fight against Nebuchadnezzar. He was hurrying to his defeat. Josiah didn’t want Neco and his army in his territory so he fought against him. Neco tried to convince Josiah not to fight with him. He told Josiah that he had not come to fight against him. He was on a mission from God to fight against Babylon.  Josiah didn’t believe that God had spoken to Neco and he went into battle against Neco and was wounded by Neco’s archers. He was taken back to Jerusalem and he died.
Josiah’s son, Jehoahaz, was made king by the people. He reigned three months. Neco took Jehoahaz off the throne and made Jehoiakim, Jehoahaz’s brother, king. Pharaoh continued on with his campaign. He was defeated by Nebuchadnezzar at Carchemish. After this Pharaoh didn’t come out of the land of Egypt, II Kings 24:7 This is what the first chapter of Jeremiah 46 is about. In verse 13 the battle scene moves into the land of Egypt. Nebuchadnezzar is not going to stop at the border of Egypt he is going to go into Egypt itself. This is when everyone realizes that Pharaoh Neco is just a big noise. There is nothing he can do to stop Babylon. Even his country is going to be destroyed by Babylon.
I.                    He meddled in strife not his own.
II.                 He was a big talker
III.               He would disappoint those who trusted in him
I.                    He meddled in strife not his own (How did he meddle in strife not his own?)
A.    Babylon wasn’t in his territory yet. Egypt hadn’t controlled the land in that area for hundreds of years. Assyria was the world power. They had defeated Egypt, but Babylon was gaining dominance and was defeating Assyria. Egypt sent help to Assyria, but Babylon defeated the Assyrian-Egyptian alliance. Pharaoh Neco’s army was destroyed at Carchemish.
1.      Proverbs 26:17, dogs are protective of their ears. It is a good way to get bit.
2.      Pharaoh would have done well to stay out of the strife between Assyria and Babylon. 
3.      Josiah would have done well to stay out of the strife between Egypt and Babylon. He was killed because of it, and his son was removed from the throne and a tax was put on the people to pay tribute to Pharaoh.
a.       II Kings 23:33-35
b.      100 talents silver 9,300 lbs avdp of silver = 135,830 oz troy = $2,390,609.7(1 talent = 3,000 shekels, 1 shekel = 0.497 oz avdp, 1 oz avdp= 0.911 oz troy, 1 ozt silver = $17.60
c.       1 talent of gold was double the weight of silver 6,000 shekels = $3,197,440.50 1ozt gold = $1,177
d.      $5,588,050.20 total
e.       This is what it cost Josiah for meddling in a strife that was not his own.
B.     Countries still do this today. They get into strife, which is thousands of miles from them and in which they have not been attacked.
C.    We are not to get into a strife, which does not belong to us.
1.      II Thessalonians 3:10-12
2.      Don’t be a busy body. A busy body is always involved in other people’s business.
3.      A busy body doesn’t have enough to do. If you work and eat your own bread you don’t have time to be a busy body. 
II.                 He was a big talker (How was he a big talker?)
A.    He was going to defeat Babylon for Assyria.
1.      Jeremiah 46:9-10, he even brought his neighboring allies with him to defeat Babylon. He and his allies were going to great things, but they were destroyed very few of them made it back to their homeland. 
2.      I Kings 20:1-11, Benhadad lost the battle. He and his men were drinking themselves drunk. Ahab attacked them and they lost the battle. Benhadad fled on horseback. 
a.       Verse 11 is always a good verse to remember. The outcome of battle is always uncertain. Don’t boast about defeating your enemy you may be the loser.
b.      Sport events many times have boasters before the game, but many times the boaster loses. He is ashamed and embarrassed by his boasting.
3.      Jeremiah 46:16-17, Later when Babylon invaded Egypt these mercenaries were ready to go back to their homeland. He was supposed to help them, but he couldn’t. 
III.               He would disappoint those who trusted in him. (Why would he disappoint those who trusted in him?)
A.    They were trusting in man.
1.      Jeremiah 46:25-26
2.      Jeremiah 17:5, those who trust in man are cursed.
3.      Jeremiah 17:6, they are like a bush in the desert. They will never grow tall and strong like a tree.
4.      Jeremiah 17:7-8, those who trust in God will not be disappointed
5.      If you put your trust in the government you will be disappointed. Some of the people running for office are disgusting. The Senate race in Connecticut is one example. Linda McMahon the CEO of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is running for Senate on the Republican side. That she even has a chance of winning is disgusting. Her opponent goes with Jeremiah 17:9 Blumenthal said he served in Vietnam, but he never even went to Vietnam. He was in the Marines as a reserve during the Vietnam War.
6.      Trusting in the government to take care of you will leave you disappointed and sometimes destroyed.
B.     He trusted in false gods
1.      Jeremiah 46:25
2.      Jeremiah 43:12-13
3.      Trusting in idols will bring you to ruin.
4.      Jeremiah 46:21, Egypt was like a pretty heifer and her mercenaries were like fattened calves. They were ready to be sacrificed by Babylon. The golden calves that the Egyptians worshipped would be useless against Babylon.
5.      Ephesians 5:3
6.      Money will not deliver in the day of wrath
a.       Proverbs 11:4
b.      We may think we have many goods laid up for years to come, but it can be gone in a few minutes.
c.       Proverbs 14:34, all the tanks, bombers, fighter jets, nuclear bombs are no offense or defense for a nation full of sin.
7.      God was going to save those who trusted in Him. The captives in Babylon were going to be saved.
8.      Jeremiah 46:27-28
9.      They were going to be saved
Someday God is going make a great noise, but it won’t be just a bunch of noise. I Thessalonians 4:16-18 he will destroy those who trusted in man and he will save those who trusted in Him. He isn’t like Neco, who just made a big noise, when God makes noise you better listen and pay attention. Be ready for this day. It can be anytime.